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Free pdf: “What I wished I'd known as a kid about Sight-reading”
Do you struggle with sight-reading at the piano (or any other instrument)? Do you think that it's something that some people can do and others just can't?  I know I did.

As an orchestral conductor and piano coach I've had to overcome this to the point where I now enjoy sight-reading - something my younger self could only dream of. Along the way, I've also discovered that it's a completely teachable and learnable skill. 

I've compiled a pdf outlining what I've learnt along the way as a child struggling with my personal shame of being a 'bad sight-reader':

  • The most common psychological blocks to sight-reading
  • How sight-reading really works - and how it doesn't
  • The pre-requisites to developing sight-reading
  • How to practice and develop good sight-reading

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